My son has been asking to start guitar lessons for the last several months. For as long as I have known him, he has loved music. We decided to buy him a guitar for Christmas.

We found a great guitar teacher who came for a trial lesson. He teaches electric guitar. We were all anticipating he would teach him classic guitar first, but after the first lesson when he played a few chords of Deep Purple, and then some AC/DC, game over. My son wanted an electric guitar.

A few days later the guitar teacher met us at a local guitar shop to help us select one that was good quality. My son looked at a variety of guitars. Held them, strummed them. He went with a sleek, red one.

As we left the music shop he said, “Mommy, when I hold a guitar, I feel more free.”

Boom. Core Desire Feeling. Freedom.

A guitar and some freedomNow my son did not come to one of my workshops to find this feeling. He knew.

I am always amazed at how children have this way of being so in touch with their feelings. It often makes them more fearless than adults.

Once we become adults, or somewhere along the way, we often lose touch with our feelings. We pass through school systems, corporate systems, relationships, social groups, societies, life demands, life experiences and more. Not all bad things, but all at which some point in time have influenced us and our decisions.

These decisions were not all bad. Look at your successes and what it has reaped.

However, sometimes we end up suppressing how we want to feel and what we want to do at the expense of keeping up with others’ expectations and the unspoken “rules” of those groups and experiences.

Would we dare to pick up a guitar at the age of 30, 40 or 50-something and start learning to play it because it makes us feel more free? Or would we tell ourselves not to do it because we are “too old” or we fear what others might think? Or that we might fail? Or that we will never become the next Prince or Eric Clapton?

As you look into your new year, celebrate your accomplishments, leave what you don’t want to bring, and check in with your feelings. How would you really like to feel in 2018, and what will it take to get you there?

It might be small, it might be big, but whatever it is, let it ring true for you. Because at the end of the day, it is all about YOUR feelings, dreams and goals.

I wish you the very best possible 2018 full of peace, love and what you desire.


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