Best Diabetes Books to Read This Summer

Our summer series on the best diabetes books continues! These are great for devouring by the pool, on vacation or just hanging out at home. The books we feature here are some of our favorites. Having read them ourselves, we strongly recommend the immense value these books will add to your life, whether you’re living with or caring for a person with diabetes.

Sugar Surfing – Stephen Ponder MD FAAP CDE, & Kevin L McMahon

Not long ago, we discovered the book Sugar Surfing.

Sugar Surfing is a movement that promotes the importance of self-care in managing diabetes. It’s a dynamic approach to managing blood-sugar levels called “Frequent Real-Time Management”, a clinically validated method of monitoring, being “in the moment”, analyzing and executing.

The Sugar Surfing book changed the way I manage my son’s diabetes with his insulin pump. It was created by Stephen Ponder, MD CME (an endocrinologist who is also a Type 1) and Kevin McMahon (the father of a Type 1).

This summary of Sugar Surfing is from the FAQs page on the Sugar Surfing website:

What is Sugar Surfing?

Sugar Surfing is a metaphor for Dynamic Diabetes Management, also known as “managing the moment”. It’s based on an awareness of one’s blood sugar trends using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system or by use of frequent blood glucose checks with a handheld meter.

By viewing blood glucose trending, a person can make self-care choices earlier and at times more aggressively than with old-style single point in time blood sugar information. Sugar Surfing represents a paradigm shift in how type 1 diabetes can be managed by individuals or involved families.

Sugar Surfing has a place on our list of the best diabetes books, and we’re sure you will get enormous value from it too. We recommend it for those who are experienced in Type 1 Diabetes management.

Dr. Ponder also keeps a very good and informative blog on the Sugar Surfing site. There is much to learn from every entry, and he also offers several free resources.

And while we suggest these are more experienced techniques, much of the book speaks to diabetes management in general. Dr. Ponder’s wisdom and lessons are for everyone, regardless of their level of diabetes management.

Get Sugar Surfing here in print or as an eBook.

Visit the Sugar Surfing website.

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What are the best diabetes books you’ve read? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!


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