Diabetes Connections

Diabetes Connections

Almost every year (except 2020, of course), we are blessed to travel to Bodrum, Turkey. This year is particularly special because we will work from here for a few weeks.     Part of our time here is spent on this boat in this corner of the earth. Same boat....

Dr Nandu Thalange: Diabetes and Sports

Dr Nandu Thalange: Diabetes and Sports

Diabetes and Sports As part of the First Annual Diapoint Type 1 Diabetes Virtual Family Picnic, we welcomed Dr Nandu Thalange for this informative discussion on diabetes and sports. Dr Thalange is a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist at Al Jalila Children’s...

Online Type 1 Diabetes Course for Parents

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5 Essentials for Managing Type 1 Diabetes at School

Relieve some of the anxiety you feel whenever your child with Type 1 Diabetes heads to school for the day.

You'll find tips on educating the teacher and nurse, making emergency snack boxes, traveling on the school bus and more.

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