Continuous glucose monitors for sports???


I knew it was only a matter of time…


One of the continuous glucose monitor sensors that we sell at the Diapoint Shop for people with diabetes is now being marketed to people without diabetes as a “sport biosensor”.


I dug deeper into the discussion in a 3-part series on CGMs in my podcast earlier this season because I was not sure which way the market was going. (Find Part 2 here and Part 3 here.)


From a business perspective, I understand the urge to market these devices to a wider audience. So many non-diabetes apps are already using their sensor for tracking. So I guess it makes sense to own that and capitalize on it if people are driving business to buy their product.


But my heart screams. What about the people with diabetes? Will this trend make CGMs cheaper for them?


Margins on this particular product are already quite small in our D-Shop. To the point where we almost sell them at a zero profit margin.


We want them available, but refuse to mark them up because diabetes is expensive; for many, these devices are inaccessible.


The mom, caretaker and advocate in me is asking, will this marketing make CGMs cheaper and more accessible? Will it create a shortage? Will it push a Tod’s shoe brand-like movement where people with diabetes get these devices for free?


The entire marketing and branding of this product has changed. New colors, and new wording. Beautiful people drinking water showing off their device post-workout. Even the language they use is appealing.


This also has me questioning, why are they not making the same product in the context of diabetes this sexy? People with diabetes are attractive too! This current campaign subtly widens the gap of discrimination in people with diabetes.


I don’t have any real answers. I just feel this heavy on my heart and mind.


I do hope that as this company and other companies that jump on this wearable trend don’t forget their why. I agree, when you have to run a business that might feel hard sometimes. But always go back to the why.


Please don’t leave those people who really need these devices behind, and don’t force those of us who support them to do the same. Let’s figure out how we can make this affordable for everyone.


You can make money and holistically support people who need it at the same time.


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