Diabetes and Sports

As part of the First Annual Diapoint Type 1 Diabetes Virtual Family Picnic, we welcomed Dr Nandu Thalange for this informative discussion on diabetes and sports.

Dr Thalange is a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist at Al Jalila Children’s Hospital.

He graduated from King’s College, London in 1988, intent on a career in paediatric endocrinology. He is a true pioneer in this field and has a significant place in researching diabetes and other endocrine conditions.

Dr Thalange has worked as an investigator in a number of collaborative multi-centre research studies, in diabetes and endocrinology. He was also chief investigator for the international multi-centre trials that led to the approval of insulin detemir and insulin degludec in children worldwide.


Topics in this discussion on diabetes and sports:

  • How to manage blood sugars during different sports and activities
  • The best foods and snacks to eat for sports to maintain blood sugars
  • How to avoid hypos and hypers
  • Do different sports cause different reactions?
  • And more!


Listen to Pam Durant talk to Dr Nandu Thalange about Diabetes and Sports


Watch Pam Durant talk to Dr Nandu Thalange on YouTube


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