Almost every year (except 2020, of course), we are blessed to travel to Bodrum, Turkey. This year is particularly special because we will work from here for a few weeks.


diabetes connections


Part of our time here is spent on this boat in this corner of the earth. Same boat. Same captain and his wife, same amazing fresh food from their home and village. Same amazing Aegean Sea. If I’m not swimming in it, I can only stare, mesmerized by its blueness.

However we are connected to this boat, this couple and our love of the sea, we have another connection – diabetes.

The captain and his wife have known my son since forever. So I was totally shocked when one summer they informed me that their grandson was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes just like my son.

But, how? Even though we know diabetes, and anyone can live fully with it, a new diagnosis always hits hard. We know it is so challenging, and do not wish it for anyone.

My heart sank and my mind raced wondering if he would get good enough care in his small town. It sounded ok, and I know many good doctors here, but I still worried that first year.

Just as I look forward to farm fresh food, and swimming with the fish, I am always excited for the annual update about their grandson. I am so happy – and relieved – to learn that every year he is rocking his diabetes. An active, growing boy with pretty amazing A1Cs. Much love and respect to his mom who has navigated this.

It’s just another reminder that diabetes does not discriminate. And, diabetes also connects us in ways we never expect.


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