If you are the parent or caretaker of a young child with Type 1 Diabetes who is in school, a diabetes management plan for school is essential.

Your diabetes medical management plan will be key to well-managed diabetes and effective communication between you and your child’s school.

What is a Diabetes Management Plan for School?

A diabetes medical management plan is a document that you create to provide to your child’s school. You may ask for help from your medical team, or ask your child’s doctor to review it and sign off on it after you draft it.

The diabetes care plan outlines critical information like:

  • Administering medication, including dosages and methods
  • Measuring and monitoring blood sugar
  • Record keeping and tracking
  • Emergency contacts and protocol.

Diabetes is a potentially serious condition. The diabetes management plan informs the school nurse and those who will be supporting your child about how to manage your child’s diabetes according to what your doctor and medical team have prescribed.

Steps for Creating a Diabetes Management Plan for School

Templates are very helpful for creating a diabetes care plan. There are many available online. If your medical team has not recommended one, try a google search to find one that’s relevant to your home country.

I like to use the Diabetes Medical Management Plan template from the American Diabetes Association. 

You don’t necessarily have to use an existing template, but they are a very useful shortcut.

We also use the Diabetes School Journal every year for tracking daily metrics and keeping notes at school. It’s a vital part of managing diabetes at school because it acts as a recording and communication tool between school and home.

Once you have your template ready, follow these steps to put your diabetes management plan together:

  1. Fill in as much of the information as you can.
  2. Write a list of questions to ask your doctor or diabetes team as you go.
  3. Consult with your doctor to confirm what you have written, and fill in any gaps.
  4. Make copies to provide to your child’s school. Ensure you have back-up copies also.
  5. Set reminders (at least quarterly) to review the plan, update if needed, and if anything changes, schedule refresher sessions to review this with your school nurse and teacher (see below).


How to use a Diabetes at School Management Plan

When your diabetes medical management plan (DMMP) document is ready, it’s time to go through it in detail with your child’s school support team.

I like to send the document through to the school nurse (or whoever is going to care for my son) ahead of each new school year, and request a one-on-one appointment to go through the plan face to face. It’s important that anyone at school who plays a role in your child’s safety is briefed in detail, and has easy access to your child’s care plan.

Children grow quickly and their medical needs can change, so be sure to note any updates on the diabetes school management plan. Each time the document is updated, set a new appointment with the school to review the changes.

More Help for Managing your Child’s Diabetes At School

As the mother of a young child with Type 1 Diabetes, I’ve had extensive experience creating useful tools and educating nurses, teachers and others at my son’s school how to care for him. For more details on creating and using a DMMP as well as other important advice, grab my free guide, 5 Essentials for Managing Diabetes At School.

For more useful articles to help your child stay safe and healthy at school, here’s a list of my Diabetes At School blog posts.

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