Type 1 Diabetes is Widely Misunderstood

Diabetes myths are dangerous. They have the potential to kill.

I subscribe to various news alerts about diabetes. There is so much happening in the world of medical research and technology that it would be impossible to keep up with it all from just one source.

potential of the malaria vaccine to help Type1s produce insulin (later refuted), or a new joint venture that will bring an implantable Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to market. Many exciting things are happening every day.

While I cannot read every single newsflash, for the articles I do read, I have a mental categorization:

News, Not Quite Newsworthy, and False.

Not long ago, an article from a newspaper in a not-so-far-away continent came buried in my string of news emails.

The title started “How I Naturally Cured Diabetes….

A red flag for sure.


Diabetes Myths Across The Web

I have written before that the natural cure promise is not always possible, and in some cases it is impossible. I am a strong advocate of complementary medicine – complementary in the sense it should complement what has been prescribed by your endocrinologist or someone else on your medically certified diabetic team.

I typically ignore these types of claims now as there are too many to count. But I have to highlight the claims made in this particular article because I do believe the confident tone of articles like these misleads a lot of people, and could result in the harm of unsuspecting people with diabetes,  or those new to this crazy world of managing diabetes.


Diabetes Myth 1 – The Pancreas Regenerates in Type 1

This article addressed the “most frequently asked questions” about curing diabetes naturally.

Question number 2 was, There can’t be a cure for Type 1 when your pancreas is damaged, how are you going to make a new pancreas? Which is a legitimate question to someone who offers you a miracle cure.

The answer: It’s only an organ and every organ of the body has the capability of regeneration.

ONLY an organ? ONLY? There is so much wrong with this statement.

But I think my son has lived with diabetes long enough and I have worked around physicians long enough that I can openly say, your organs and body parts are NOT JUST ORGANS. They are incredible parts of you that give you life, breath, energy, vision and all of those amazing things that allow us to live the lives we do.

The kicker is the very important overlooked detail that beta cells kill any regeneration of cells in the pancreas of a Type 1, and will continue to do so until a medical cure for this autoimmune issue is found.


Diabetes Myth 2 – Food and Herbs Can Cure Type 1 Diabetes

The next question in the FAQs goes on to ask, Then why do doctors not tell their patients?

The answer: It’s because they will lose their license if they do not promote harmful and toxic drugs from large pharma companies.

No. The truth is, Doctors would fear to lose their licenses if they told the people in their care to stop their medication because a regimen of only cinnamon and ginseng would cure them. Not because they want to promote Big Pharma.

The “cure” promised in this article is false.


Diabetes Myth 3 – Insulin is Not Essential for Type 1

I will keep this short and brief, but please be aware. No matter what part of the world you are in, there is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Type1s are insulin dependent. They cannot live without insulin.


Diabetes Myth 4 – People with Diabetes Should Not Eat Sugar

Type 1s need insulin, and Type2s may need insulin. But people with diabetes can often manage blood sugars with diet and exercise as prescribed by a doctor or nutritionist.

Contrary to popular belief, many people with diabetes include sugar in their diet in various forms.

Please do not take my word for it. Ask your medical doctor first.

If there were a natural way to cure this thing, be sure – the more than half a million children counted by the IDF with Type 1 diabetes would have been cured by now.

Cinnamon and ginseng over insulin… file under FALSE.

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