Type 1 Diabetes Super Power Panel – Diapoint T1D Virtual Family Picnic

As part of the First Annual Diapoint Type 1 Diabetes Virtual Family Picnic, we held a live diabetes panel discussion with five amazing people with Type 1 Diabetes from the Middle East.

Advocates from the UAE, Kuwait, Palestine and Lebanon joined us for this lively diabetes discussion. During this session, they shared their stories and experiences with us about living with diabetes.


Introducing Our Diabetes Panel From Around the Middle East

We are so thankful to our friends for joining our super panel. Find them on Instagram:


Topics covered:

  • Being a diabetes ambassador and advocate
  • Rights of people living with diabetes
  • Connecting with diabetes communities
  • Positive perspectives on diabetes
  • Diabetes as a super power!
  • Diabetes and social media
  • Isolation, loneliness and the diabetes stigma
  • Day to day management of diabetes
  • Diabetes burnout
  • Hypers and hypos
  • Medical and professional support
  • … and so SO much more!


Listen to the Type 1 Diabetes Super Power Panel Discussion

Watch the Type 1 Diabetes Super Power Panel Discussion on YouTube

More Replays from the First Annual Diapoint Type 1 Diabetes Family Picnic 2020

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