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Diabetes-friendly main courses

FREE: Diabetes-Friendly Main Courses Recipe Book

10 tasty, nutritious, fulfilling recipes.

Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food!

Many people living with diabetes find food and nutrition challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we’ve collected 10 tasty, healthy and easy diabetes-friendly recipes you can enjoy!

Healthy diabetes kitchen

FREE: 5 Essentials for a Healthy Diabetes Kitchen

If you’re interested in improving your health and what you eat, you might be having a hard time setting up your kitchen. In this free guide you’ll find helpful information on:

● Food groups and how they relate to diabetes management
● Nutrients and their sources
● How to set up your pantry
● Must-have kitchen tools
● What foods are actually good for you – and more!


FREE: 5 Essentials For Managing Type 1 Diabetes At School

In this guide you’ll find tips on:

  • Educating the school nurse and class teacher
  • Developing a diabetes medical management plan
  • Knowing what highs and lows look like in your child
  • Vital preparations for traveling to and from school
  • Creating emergency snack boxes to keep at school.

FREE: Traveling With Diabetes Guide

In this guide you’ll find advice on:

  • Packing and storing your medications
  • What to eat
  • Supplies to pack
  • Vital preparations to prevent illness and mishaps
  • Valuable tips and tricks to help make your trip as exciting and smooth as possible.

D-Shop: Beautiful & Functional Diabetes Products Online

We select and design our products with much love. Many of them we have tested or use ourselves. And, many are created by people with diabetes, or those who have been touched by diabetes. Products include:

  • Insulin pump packs
  • Frio medication purses and wallets
  • Medangel ONE
  • Medical ID bracelets, and more.

Online Course for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

The Ultimate T1D School Game Plan is a video-based, self-paced program that teaches parents of school-age children with Type 1 Diabetes how to plan for the school year, manage the day-to-day, and deal with special and challenging situations at school. It is full of practical information, templates and expert experience.

Diabetes doula consultation

Diabetes Doula Consultation

As a qualified wellness coach and mom of a young son with Type 1 Diabetes, Diapoint founder Pam Durant offers a Diabetes Doula service. Get advice, comfort and assistance in this 1-hour online coaching session. Designed for those with a new diabetes diagnosis – yourself, your child, or a loved one.

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FREE: Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

If you have diabetes, or you care for someone who does, you know how important your food is. Our diabetes-friendly recipes are healthy and low-carb. All nutritional info is laid out for you. We’ve got yummy mains, desserts, appetizers, snacks and sides.

FREE: Ask the Expert – Diabetes Advice and Wisdom

Our Expert blog series features interviews, stories and reports from diabetes experts in the medical field and beyond. The professionals we choose have an extensive background in managing diabetes, living with diabetes and helping others to manage the condition.

Free health coaching session

FREE: Health Planning Session with Pam Durant

This health planning session is a 30-min one-on-one mini coaching session to explore what a lifestyle coaching experience will look like for you specific to your life, health and wellness, and what you wish to achieve. This session is held on the phone or online via Zoom.

Carb counting guide by Diapoint

FREE: Carb Counting Guide

In this guide, you’ll find essential information to help you manage your carbohydrate intake more effectively, whether you’re managing diabetes, aiming to lose weight, or simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mental health guide for diabetes caretakers

FREE: Mental Health Guide for Diabetes Caretakers

Balancing the responsibilities of caregiving with everyday life can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration, uncertainty and moments of doubt. Your own well-being is equally important.

diabetes mental health guide

FREE: Diabetes and Your Mental Health

Diabetes can significantly influence your mental health and emotional well-being. Consider this your guide to some of the mental health challenges you might face with diabetes.

Top diabetes podcast

FREE: Dia-Logue: The Diapoint Podcast

Dia-Logue: The Diapoint Podcast is about health, wellness, and thriving with diabetes. Catch all our episodes on our website or wherever you get your podcasts.

Diapoint diabetes YouTube channel

FREE: Diapoint TV on YouTube

Check out the Diapoint YouTube channel @diapointtv. You’ll find videos on diabetes wellness and nutrition, interviews, podcasts, Arabic content and more.

Diabetes education in Arabic

FREE: Diabetes Hour – Live Sessions in Arabic

Join us on the 4th Tuesday of every month for live online lessons about diabetes in Arabic. This is a collaboration between Diapoint and ASPED (Arab Society for Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes). You’ll receive a message in your inbox with all the details about how to join the live session.