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The Diapoint Manifesto

About The Company

Diapoint is the place for people touched by diabetes.

It was founded by Pamela Durant, the mother of a child with Type 1 Diabetes. Her son was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2009 when he was only 20 months old.

Despite 15 years of international healthcare management experience at the time, the diagnosis led Pam through a steep learning curve about diabetes. She had no idea how to manage diabetes, and there were very few experts to tap into at that time.

A few years later, as she began to advocate and present at medical conferences, she soon recognized the need to support others to navigate the fear and confusion of the condition.

In 2016, she left a successful corporate career to create DiapointME to help those touched by diabetes.

Diapoint provides diabetes education, diabetes services, a diabetes network, advocacy and products to support people living with diabetes.

Our Purpose

We support people touched by diabetes by creating beautiful programs and selling beautiful products to support your wellness. 



Diabetes is not a disease and it is not ugly. It is a condition that will ask you to live your life to the fullest, and become the best version of yourself as you take your physical and mental health to achieve new levels of positive outcomes. 


People with Diabetes

A person with diabetes is someone who has been diagnosed with any type of diabetes… Type1, Type2, MODY, Gestational… 



Everything we do, including the products we sell, represents some form of diabetes advocacy. Whether that is advocating for you to support your wellness, or for a school to not discriminate against a child with Type1 Diabetes, advocacy is a critical part of our DNA.

It is our way of expressing our love and compassion in order to create personal and social change.


Diapoint manifesto
DiapointME diabetes advocacy

Our Hedgehog

“The Hedgehog Concept” is defined by Jim Collins in the book Good to Great.

The Hedgehog flows from the intersection of the understanding of:

  1. What you are deeply passionate about
  2. What you can be the best in the world at
  3. What best drives your economic or resource engine.


We are most passionate about:

Supporting people who have diabetes and those who love them. Those who love them might be a sibling, spouse, parent, grandchild, friend or someone else.

When someone gets diabetes, everyone around that person is touched by it. We encourage those who love someone with diabetes to lean into it. 


We strive to be the best in the world at:

Educating, supporting and listening to people with diabetes. 


Our economic engine includes:

Products and wellness services that support people touched by diabetes.

Diapoint Hedgehog

Our Values

It’s all about people with diabetes.


It’s about the person who pricks their finger 200 times with each lancet in that box that they will finish in a matter of weeks.

It’s about the mom who needs to easily inject insulin into her child.

It’s about the person who feels proud when they get a good reading on their glucose meter.

It’s about the person who just achieved a goal you helped them set when they designed their wellness vision.

It’s about the person using that pump pack to carry their insulin pump.

It’s about the person who opens their delivery and smiles because they have just received their Diapoint order…and so much more.

It’s about making a difference so that people with diabetes can more easily access supplies they need all in one place.

It’s about helping you to feel better about the condition when you receive your supplies.

To be able to offer these products so that the people who need them can easily find them and order them online with ease, confidence and a little bit of joy means so much to us.

It’s never been about the products. It is and always will be about the people who use them.

Elevate the Discussion

Despite all the research and information about diabetes, very much is still misunderstood about people with diabetes.

Perhaps one reason for this is due to the lack of people with diabetes who are actually part of the conversation.

Terms such as “patient experience” or even “patient satisfaction” do not mean much when patients with a chronic condition are not asked about their thoughts, feelings and inputs in the first place. Instead, they get called out “as non-compliant” or just disregarded altogether.

One of the most powerful questions we can ask someone is “What do you think?

From the first day, we have approached everything with this approach – asking people with diabetes what they think.

Diapoint company values

Work Ethic and Integrity

We work hard.

We work ethically.

We work deeply, and with a lot of integrity.

We don’t really believe that done is better than perfect. We believe in always doing our best and striving for quality because that is what people in healthcare do.

This is what people serving people with diabetes do.

What we do matters, because the people we serve matter.

You matter.


Diapoint sharing knowledge about diabetes

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