The Psychology of Diabetes

As part of the First Annual Diapoint Type 1 Diabetes Virtual Family Picnic, we welcomed Dr Madiha Khan for this wonderful discussion on the psychology of a chronic condition.

Dr Khan is a psychiatrist with extensive experience in helping children and families address the psychological impact of chronic diseases.

She is an American Board Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in general adult psychiatry. She completed her medical training from Baylor College of medicine in the United States. After residency, Dr. Khan continued to work with Baylor College of medicine as an assistant professor of Psychiatry, while practicing outpatient psychiatry at a county clinic and also maintained a private practice in the US, before relocating to UAE.

Of course, our discussion focussed on Type 1 Diabetes.


Topics in this Discussion on The Psychology of a Chronic Illness

In this session, we discuss:

  • Mental health issues associated with chronic illnesses
  • Signs of depression and anxiety to watch out for in children
  • For parents and caretakers: grief, stress and diabetes burn out
  • Accepting and dealing with the emotional process that comes with a diabetes diagnosis, including the different ways that parents and children might react
  • How diabetes affects family relationships
  • What to do when others do not really understand diabetes and ask questions
  • The public stigma of diabetes
  • When is a good time to seek professional support

…and more!


Listen to Pam Durant talk to Dr Madiha Khan about The Psychology of a Chronic Condition



Watch Pam Durant talk to Dr Madiha Khan on YouTube



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