Diapoint Virtual Diabetes Series

In April, we launched the new Diapoint Virtual Diabetes Series. In these interviews we will speak with a variety of experts on a range of topics, and bring you the highlights on our website.

We loved having Dr Sarper Tanli, MD, PhD, as our guest on May 6, 2020.

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Sarper Tanli telemedicine interview Diapoint

Dr Sarper Tanli, MD, PhD, MHA

Dr. Tanli is an experienced senior healthcare executive with years of experience in the GCC region. He has worked for years in models of healthcare that were once considered “alternative” before COVID19 – including digital health and home healthcare.

He holds an MD in Medicine, a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Istanbul University and a Ph.D. degree in Healthcare Management from Marmara University.

He is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer of Manzil Health Care Services. He has extensive experience in healthcare planning, development, operations and informatics on an international scale. He is also an alumni of the GCC Board of Directors Institute.

In addition to his vast medical experience, Dr. Tanli also has a son who has Type 1 Diabetes.


In this interview, we discuss:

  • What exactly is Telemedicine?
  • How does Telemedicine support treatment in diabetes and other conditions?
  • What do we need to know, and how should we prepare when our doctor suggests a Telemedicine consultation?


Listen to Dr Sarper Tanli Speak About Telemedicine

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