Fasting During Ramadan with Diabetes – Monday 5th April 2021, 5pm Dubai Time

As part of our Diapoint Virtual Diabetes Series, I was excited to speak with Internal Medicine and Diabetology specialist, Dr Yousef Said.

This interview was an open discussion on Zoom, and included questions from our audience on fasting during Ramadan with diabetes.


About Dr Yousef Said

Dr. Yousef Said is a German board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Diabetology at GluCare.

From the period of 2013–2017, Dr Said served as an assistant doctor at Vinzenz Pallotti Hospital Bensberg, Germany, within the Department of Internal Medicine, Hemato/Oncology, and Gastroenterology.

He later worked as an assistant physician and specialist in Internal Medicine and Diabetology at St. Vinzenz Hospital Cologne within the Internal Medicine and Diabetology/Endocrinology Department.

He has a special interest in the diagnostic and treatment of Diabetic Foot Syndrome. He previously served as the Director of the Internal Medicine department at AACSH, Dubai Healthcare City.

Dr Said graduated from the University of Cologne Medical School, Germany.


Dr Said answered questions like:

  • Is it safe to fast during Ramadan if I have diabetes?
  • Where can I get advice and support if I want to fast?
  • What special preparations should I make?
  • What should I do in an emergency?
  • What factors should I take into account for fasting during Ramadan with diabetes?


Dr Said also covered:

  • Tools and advice to help you reach your decision
  • Consulting with your diabetes care team to stay healthy during Ramadan
  • Medication, exercise, blood sugar during Ramadan
  • Breaking your fast safely
  • Questions to ask your doctor about fasting with diabetes
  • Ramadan nutrition tools available online
  • And much more.


Thank you to all who joined us for this important discussion. A special thanks to Dr Said for his invaluable expertise.


Watch Pam Durant and Dr Yousef Said Discuss Ramadan and Fasting with Diabetes


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