The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has launched a Dubai school wellness program called Wellbeing Matters.


This initiative provides a framework for wellbeing in Dubai private schools, advancing the health, safety and welfare of students and teachers.


There’s an emphasis on fostering the strengths of individuals, rather than focusing on their challenges or deficits.


I’m so happy to read about this move in the right direction.


While most private schools are excellent in supporting children with diabetes, every year we at Diapoint receive at least 2–3 cries for help from parents.


Some parents of children with diabetes struggle because their children are not accepted by a school, or they are openly left out of field trips and other learning activities because of their condition.


We know that this is due to a lack of education and understanding about diabetes. It’s also a failure to consider the bigger picture of overall wellness.


As the article states, “International research points to wellbeing as an enabler of improved educational outcomes, enabling students to have more positive experiences of school; higher levels of self-esteem; and increased motivation.”


“KHDA has developed a whole-school approach to wellbeing advancement. Examples of this have been set by the education regulator like improved levels of school engagement, more positive experiences through different education phases; decreased likelihood of students dropping out of education; improved mental health, higher levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy; increased motivation and self-regulation.”


All of these are required for a child with diabetes to excel academically – this is no different than a child without diabetes.


I hope this framework makes it more clear for those who do not understand that when you refuse, dismiss or denigrate a child with diabetes, you are disengaging them, harming their mental health, creating discrimination and negative experiences for them, decreasing their self esteem and self-efficacy, among many other issues.


It also creates financial and psychological distress and emotional anxiety for the parents of these children.


Thank you KHDA for supporting students and improving the wellness of all children. I hope that everyone follows your leadership to include and foster the wellbeing of children with diabetes and other chronic conditions in all aspects of school and social life.


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