Season 2, Episode 10: The Health Gate App – Powerful Technology To Help You Take Control Of Your Health

In this episode of Dia-Logue: The Diapoint Podcast, Pam interviews Dr. Sana Qamar, Medical Affairs and Patient Centricity Manager for The Health Gate app from AstraZeneca.

Dr. Qamar takes us through the app and how it can be used to support people with chronic conditions, including diabetes. Health Gate is packed with powerful technology and also helps to generate real-world evidence by utilizing artificial intelligence.

The Health Gate app is for you if you’re looking for helpful tools and tips to lead a better life – managing your health and chronic condition in a simplified way.


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Disclaimer: It should go without saying that the Diapoint podcast is not intended as or should not be used as personal medical advice. You will hear us interview medical experts and others, but please always always ask your qualified doctor, diabetes team or other expert about your health. What works for one person does not always work for another person. What you should always do when you discover any new health information is ask YOUR doctor about it. This information should empower you to have a discussion with your healthcare providers about it. Diapoint, our guests, sponsors and business partners are not here to replace that advice. Living a full, healthy life means taking the proper medical advice from your qualified physicians, diabetes team or other healthcare providers.

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The Episode of Dia-logue: The Diapoint Podcast is brought to you by the The Health Gate App

If you are looking for a simplified, mobile way to manage your overall health or condition in one place, Health Gate by AstraZeneca is your everyday companion. Within the app you can:

• Access a comprehensive Diabetes management tool to understand and manage your condition better via content, blood sugar tracker and more for free just by connecting your wearable device or smartwatch.

• Consult with online doctors within seconds with the option of e-prescriptions and medications delivered to your doorstep.

• Access to Lung Cancer Disease Management tool supporting patients’ receiving immunotherapy through disease & treatment education, monitoring & reporting side effects and connecting them directly with their physicians.

• Health Gate is packed with premium customized health content and features like dose reminders, a Body Mass Index to calculate if you’re at a healthy weight, routine tests from home, and more, all designed to help you monitor and manage your condition better.

• The app can help manage Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Failure, Heart Attacks, Kidney Failure, Lung Cancer, and Asthma. It also provides the latest updates on COVID-19 and more general information and tips for those who wish to nurture a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle.

HealthGate app integrates with health Application like Intellin for Diabetes management and Telehealth for online Consultation.


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