As I am preparing a new nurse with no diabetes knowledge to go on a camping trip with Erin and his classmates, I want to highlight these great resources on glucagon.

There was a TV show not that long ago that showed someone passed out, and a character said, “Oh, they have diabetes. We need to inject insulin.” This is so very wrong. If a person with diabetes is on the floor, unconscious, it is very possible that they are having a very low blood sugar.

You never want to inject a person with insulin if their blood sugar is low. 

What Is Glucagon?

Glucagon is so very important for all people with Type 1 Diabetes. It is actually a hormone that is found in the body. In Type 1 Diabetes, a glucagon injection is used to treat severe low blood sugar called hypoglycemia. We carry some with us, always.

1 – There is a great app from Eli Lilly with detailed instructions about how to use glucagon. It is available on Android and IOS.

2 – This UK NHS video about how to use glucagon. A diabetes nurse educator explains it so well. I can only dream to have a demeanor half as calm as hers when I need to use it next.


A Glucagon Injection Can Be Frightening

Trust me, using glucagon is scary. I have had to put my big girl pants on and give my son an injection on two different occasions.

It was scary, but it saved his life until I could get him to the emergency room.

I promise, the more you are prepared, the much easier it will be to know what to do during this critical time.


Have More Questions About Using Glucagon?

Ask your endocrinologist or diabetes team to train you what to do in case of an emergency! Even if the video and tool above seem clear to you, make sure your diabetes team has given you an orientation to glucagon and emergency management.


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