Season 3, Episode 09: Making Connections Through Sports and Adventure – The Technology That Encourages Us To Be More Active

With so many health and wellness apps out there, it’s hard to know which ones are useful; have high-quality trainers, instructors and coaches; or are aligned with our lifestyles.

Enter Dudi.

In this episode of Dia-Logue: The Diapoint Podcast, Pam interviews Hasan Wehbi, the CEO of the Dudi app.

The Dudi app is a new era of social sports experiences: indoor, outdoor, air and sea. DUDI simplifies the process to connect with people, find people with the same interest, engage with your community, book your favorite sports experiences and discover new hobbies.

To learn more, download the app at


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Connect through sport - Dudi app

Hasan Wehbi is the CEO of Dudi app – a sports, wellness and adventure marketplace that lets you connect with people, book your favorite sports experiences and discover new hobbies.

Hasan started his career over two decades ago in the real estate industry. Before creating the Dudi App, he was a career management consultant with a specialty in real estate investments, operating models and PPPs. Hasan has advised on city-scale developments for leading developers across 17 countries in the MENA region.

He has also worked with some of the world’s leading organizations such as KPMG, JLL, PwC and AT Kearney. In 2016, he was assigned as a senior advisor for the Housing Program in KSA by The Saudi Ministry of Housing.

His experience in real estate developments got him thinking about how we participate in sports and interact in our communities. This has shaped his vision for Dudi’s launch and what it will become in the future.

After 18 years of consulting, he embarked on his new adventure as the CEO of a tech start-up, Dudi app!

Find Hasan:


Dudi App

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