DiapointME Partnership with Brighter

At Diapoint, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Brighter. Brighter is an innovative company improving global health outcomes.

We will have more exciting news on this soon.

Meanwhile, you can read more about this announcement here.


Diapoint: Meet the company changing how the world views diabetes

DiapointME on Gulf News

DiapointME Founder Pamela Durant is featured in this article in Gulf News: Meet the company changing how the world views diabetes.


“With the exception of a few physicians and healthcare providers, kindness and empathy felt almost nonexistent for people with diabetes. No one should ever feel ashamed of a health condition.” It was these observations and frustrations that led Pamela to create Diapoint – The Place For People Touched By Diabetes.

Wanting to raise her child in a positive way, and encourage him to embrace everything about himself – including his diabetes – Pamela had the vision to create an organization that would educate and encourage all people with diabetes to do the same.

Diapoint is a UAE-based company that supports people with diabetes. This is done through education, diabetes events, support, and health and wellness coaching.

Read the full article here.


Diabetes Education – Afternoons with Helen Farmer Podcast on Dubai Eye 103.8, Featuring Pam Durant

Pam Durant on diabetes educationDiapointME Founder Pamela Durant talks about diabetes education with Helen Farmer. You can hear Pam’s interview with Helen Farmer on Dubai Eye here, or on Apple Podcasts here.


“As soon as my son was going backwards in toilet training, I took him to the pediatrician here, who said it can’t be [diabetes]. None of you have this in your family, he’s a healthy growing boy, he’s never had any issues. But if it will give you peace of mind, I will check his blood sugar. I said yes, please. And I haven’t slept a full night since that day.” Listen to the full interview here.


Flexible Working Hours in the Time of Covid-19 – The Agenda Radio Program on Dubai Eye 103.8, Featuring Pam Durant

flexible work during covid-19 outbreakDiapointME Founder Pamela Durant talks about flexible working arrangements for parents with children affected by school closures during the coronavirus outbreak. You can hear Pam’s interview on Dubai Eye with Tom Urquhart here, from 13:30 to 18:50.


“There’s a lot to balance, but we have to take a deep breath and be flexible, and just find what the new norm is going to be for the next couple of weeks.” Listen to the full interview here.


Call for greater inclusion of kids with Type 1 diabetes

Inclusiveness for kids with diabetesDiapointME Founder Pamela Durant talks about the importance of being inclusive with children who have Type 1 Diabetes in this article for Gulf News.


“Pained by the lack of awareness surrounding Type 1 diabetes, Dubai-based Pamela Durant, whose son was diagnosed with diabetes at 20 months, gave up her highly successful career in health care management to start her own diabetes awareness company Diapoint to educate the community. Bringing up her son, now 11, she has been a hands on mother volunteering to accompany the school on field trips to keep an eye on her child, but she says not all kids are fortunate enough to get this inclusion.

‘Children with Type I diabetes require to have their blood sugar monitored regularly to avoid high or low blood sugar episodes. Sometimes, a school understands the severity of what could happen, or the care required, it may be frightening for them, or may seem like too much of a liability. There are cases of children who have been turned away from schools or left out of school activities for this reason – which is heart-breaking. In other cases, some schools have asked parents if they could provide a private nurse for their child at school. Not only is this a financial burden for the family, but it affects the child socially. It adds to the social stigma of having diabetes.'” Read more here.


Caring for a Child with Chronic Disease – and How I Got Through It

DiapointME Founder Pamela Durant talks about the challenges of raising a child with a chronic disease in this article for goodness.me.


“In 2009, my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just 20 months old. This autoimmune condition is not something that runs in our family, so to say it was a shock is an understatement. Like any mom in the same situation, I experienced an emotional rollercoaster of feelings – from upset and anger to resigned sadness.

Ten years later, however, I am happy to say that, while it still is a large part of our life, it is just one part of our life. We deal with it because we have to, and I am no longer sad or angry about the situation.” Read more here.


Diabetes In Children – Mother Baby & Child

Pamela Durant mediaTo observe World Diabetes Day 2018, DiapointME Founder Pamela Durant sheds light on her son’s journey and misconceptions around diabetes in this interview for Mother Baby & Child.

Pam offers advice on symptoms parents need to keep an eye out for, which could be mistaken as the flu.

The Agenda Podcast with Pam Durant

The Agenda Podcast: The News Review with Pamela Durant – World Diabetes Day 2018

DiapointME founder Pam Durant was interviewed on The Agenda Podcast on World Diabetes Day 2018.

The Agenda podcast on Dubai Eye, 103.8FM, is a wonderful radio program in the UAE covering important topics that affect so many people. Listeners get to call in and have their say – it’s a rare interactive format not commonly seen in the Middle East.

I was thrilled to be invited to be featured on The Agenda podcast for The News Review for World Diabetes Day 2018, to talk about my journey and that of my son, who was diagnosed with Type 1 at 20 months old.

Friday Magazine Nov 2017

Friday Magazine Nov 2017

How the UAE is fighting the diabetes epidemic

DiapointME founder Pam Durant was interviewed in the Friday Magazine in Gulf News. This article outlines how research in the UAE is aimed at understanding why diabetes affects so many people in the Middle East. Pam talks about her son’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis at just 20 months old, the shock of the news and the challenges she faced and continues to face in managing his diabetes, and the reason she created DiapointME.

Read the article here and find out more about diabetes research in the UAE.


Eye On Health Podcast – World Diabetes Day 2017

To help promote awareness of World Diabetes Day, DiapointME founder Pam Durant was invited to speak on the Dubai Eye podcast, Eye On Health, on November 14, 2017.

Here’s a little more about the Eye On Health podcast from Dubai Eye:

Today is World Diabetes Day. Despite the awareness campaigns, there remain a lot of misconceptions about the disease. We speak to Pamela Durant whose son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 20 months old, and hear how they dealt with it, Rhian Lindley who has managed to reverse her diabetes diagnosis, and Dr. Farhana bin Lootah of Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi. 

Listen below to Eye On Health!


Birthday Donation – Organizer

Friends of Diabetes
For my birthday, instead of presents, I asked for donations to raise money for Friends of Diabetes which is part of the Health Education Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah. This organization provides medicine and supplies to diabetic children in need. The event raised 11,000 AED. Read More Here

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