Identify with it, but don’t let it define you.

I decided that this is one of my diabetes mottos for my child.

Diabetes Does Not Define My Son

Last week was Sports Day at my son’s school. As I watched he and his classmates enjoy the day, one thing that struck me was how much my son had grown and how strong and coordinated he is now.

Just a few weeks before his 7th birthday, he participated in eight different events and not once did he complain, lose interest or even seem tired. He did his best every time and was also supportive of his teammates.

As we headed home, I started to think about this. Outside of checking his blood sugar at the break, and bolusing for his snack, there was no other sign that this kid had diabetes or was “different” from his classmates.

I felt a great sense of relief, and somewhat a sense of accomplishment. If there is anything I want, it’s for diabetes to not get in the way of anything he does. And I especially do not want him to ever use it as an excuse for not trying something new.

We Never Say “Can’t”

With or without diabetes, hearing the word “can’t” from anyone before they’ve even tried makes me cringe a bit.

While having diabetes has its challenges, it need not have any limitations.

It is a fine line to walk, and I think especially in the beginning, as you figure out how your life has changed and how to work it into your new norm. But as you do, don’t let it define you.

Yes, my son has diabetes. But diabetes is not him.

What’s your diabetes motto? Write it in the comments below. Let’s get a collection of diabetes mottos together!


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