Today is the first day of November, Diabetes Awareness Month.

All this month I will attend events, post facts about diabetes, and bombard my social media to raise awareness about diabetes.

Some people may grow tired of my daily posts about diabetes.

This is okay, because it is a small inconvenience in comparison to how often a person with diabetes has to consider the information I will share this month.

Diabetes Awareness Month is Just One Month, But Not For A Person With Diabetes

I want to highlight that diabetes is more than a post or internet meme you can scroll through and pick up a quick soundbite.

Diabetes is more than walks and fundraisers.

Diabetes is more than the smiling faces of the children you see representing research efforts.

Many people manage and live with diabetes every day, all day, to the fullest. But they are too often reminded of how horrific this condition can be.

Please know the signs, symptoms and what to do in the event of a diabetes emergency.

If you have diabetes, please consider all the risks and what you need to do to manage those.

Please be more than aware.

Please know there are people out there fighting 365 days a year.


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