As we approach Ramadan, there will be many people in the Middle East fasting.

While I am not Muslim, I took a look through the internet to see if there was anything readily available for the diabetic population on the subject of Ramadan and diabetes. After all, fasting is not a simple thing for someone with diabetes.

I found more medical discussions than advice.

Ramadan and Diabetes – The Difficulty of Fasting for People With Diabetes

I am aware that people with severe medical conditions are exempt from fasting during Ramadan. According to the advice I read, this includes people with diabetes.

Fasting is often not medically recommended for diabetics. This is due to the high chance of hypoglycemia while fasting, which can be deadly.

Ramadan and diabetes - should diabetics fast during Ramadan?

Resources for Ramadan and Diabetes

If you have diabetes, before fasting during Ramadan I recommend you read the International Diabetes Federation practical guidelines for diabetes and Ramadan. Contributors to this document are medical experts and other professionals who understand the importance of Ramadan.

Please do not just read a few articles on Ramadan and diabetes then try to go it alone. It is important to take questions to the doctor who manages your diabetes before you embark on any dietary changes, especially fasting. As we know, each body is different – especially in the case of Type 1 Diabetes, so you may have different requirements to others.

Take Special Care During Ramadan

If you do intend to fast during Ramadan, make sure your family, coworkers and others who will be near you throughout the day are all aware of your diabetes. Make sure you pass on instructions for what to do should you need help.

We should all be doing this for the people in our lives with diabetes, even when it is not Ramadan.

If you do decide that you want to try to fast, speak to your doctor about this before you start and continue to follow up with your doctor as necessary.

All of us at DiapointME wish you and your family a wonderful month. Ramadan Kareem!

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