Season 5, Episode 07: Rising Above Diabetes – Conquering the Greatest Adventures and Challenges

Are you ready to be inspired?

In this episode of Dialogue: The Diapoint Podcast, Pam speaks with Milly Larmer from Gulf For Good where you’ll get an inside look at her journey as a person living with diabetes.

From conquering mountains to taking on other physical challenges all around the world, nothing is stopping her!

Tune in to hear how she’s breaking down barriers and what advice she has for others living with diabetes. Don’t miss out on this incredible conversation!

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diabetes outdoor enthusiast

Milly Larmer is a an ardent outdoor enthusiast with Type 1 Diabetes, driven by the thrill of pushing her boundaries amidst the beauty of nature.

In the last 18 months alone, Milly has climbed Kilimanjaro, hiked the 170km Mont Blanc Massif, climbed Aguille de Toule, Aguille Marbrees, Monte Rosa and Pyramide Vincent in Europe, scaled Cotopaxi and Chimborazo in Ecuador and explored diverse corners of the globe such as Socotra, the island off Yemen, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

She’s also led remarkable treks such as the Women’s Heritage Walk – a challenging 125 km journey through the UAE desert; Everest Base Camp in Nepal; the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru; the Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh; the Indian Himalayas; and is about to embark on an adventure to cycle across Namibia.

Milly embodies a passion for adventure and a zeal to make a meaningful impact. Now, as Gulf for Good’s Partnerships, Sponsorships and Fundraising Manager, she eagerly directs her competitive spirit towards supporting communities worldwide.

With a wealth of experience in exploring, climbing, trekking, and leadership, Milly is poised to leverage her fervor for outdoor pursuits to forge impactful partnerships and drive fundraising efforts, bringing positive change to the lives of many across the globe.

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