“You can do so much more,” a new boss said to me some time ago back when I was in the corporate world.

We were talking about work. She asked me what I wanted to do. She was aware of my abilities – I used to be a consultant and all that good stuff. She asked me what I would like to do because I could “do so much more”.

She didn’t mean that I was being lazy and not working. What she meant was that I could climb the corporate ladder – shoot for a higher position and whatever else comes with that.

It was flattering, but I politely declined. I have worked on several projects and throughout those there is always that crazy week or two where your life is not your own because others are late, things are chaotic and it is just out of your control because well, stuff happens. I cited this as my reason. And it is not completely untrue. I can do that hectic schedule from time to time, but I did not want every week of my life to resemble this.

Especially because of the space that diabetes occupies in my life.

The Diabetes Caretaker is Already Doing So Much More!

What I didn’t tell her is that I was already doing more. A lot more.

I pull more all-nighters than I ever did as a young adult out with my friends. The amount of responsibility that comes with the role of caretaker for a child with Type 1 Diabetes is “So much more”.

Crazy presentation to prepare, up all night waiting for others’ input. I’d take that over any sick night my child has with diabetes. I promise the night full of vomiting, keytone and hypoglycemia watch, and all else that comes with that is much more challenging than building a business strategy.

You Could Do So Much More

In addition to taking care of my son’s health, I’ve also had more opportunity to be a mom than if I had taken a higher position. Diabetes aside, why would I want to miss his life events because I am over-allocated? I am already multi-tasking on several things, so why would I want to carry more? I didn’t and I don’t. I’m not sure it is possible – unless time-travel becomes a thing, or by some freak of nature the days get longer.

Before the “Big D”, I worked as a healthcare manager and consultant. I left that role when my son was diagnosed to focus on his health. Yes, irony. But with that background, it is very hard for me to sit back and not “do more”.

So could I do more? Yes I can! That is why I left my corporate job to focus on building Diapoint! I could probably do with more sleep, but who has time for that when there is so much to be done!


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