I often say this, and I know it sounds crazy, but diabetes keeps me living in the present.  

Yes, I adjust that last number, and hold my breath until the future reading. But really, I am not living too far into the future as I anticipate blood sugars. This is the Zen of diabetes.

Lately in the media, there has been a lot of press about the “imminent cure” for diabetes.  Clinical trials for the artificial pancreas in children are underway, and a major breakthrough in stem cell research was recently announced.

These are fantastic developments, and like all parents of children with diabetes, I am very excited about the implications.


A cure for diabetes is not available yet.


Present-Moment Living With Diabetes


I want nothing more than a cure, but I personally do not promise my school-aged son that he will see a cure for his diabetes. I do not promise him a cure. I worry that telling him a cure is just around the corner could be counterproductive of his acceptance as he grows up with diabetes. He must learn how to live with this condition in the present. He has to take this crazy bull by the horns and ride it.

I do tell him that someday a doctor or scientist will invent something amazing to make his life with diabetes easier. It could be a cure, but I do not specify what that would be because a child’s expectations are so high. And I worry that always waiting for a cure could backfire. If a cure is imminent, then I would never want that to oversight the importance of him taking care of his health today.

Some of you reading this may be newly diagnosed with diabetes and learning the basics, therefore you may not even be aware of a potential cure. That is okay. Focus on the basics and work with your endocrinologist to find out what works for your child, your family and your routine. The cure will come… maybe….  eventually… we hope.

And if it doesn’t, we will be okay. You will be okay. Your child will be okay.

Right now, the best tool you have is information. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will be better able to manage this. It will not come overnight, and sometimes it will seem like too much. Just take small steps, and do not worry about becoming an expert. It will happen before you know it.

In the meantime, I suggest you live in the present. Take a deep breath and find the best position you can hold onto as you find the Zen of diabetes.


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