It is already World Diabetes Day here in Dubai.

We like to “celebrate” this day by living our usual busy life. We do activities that remind us that diabetes does not slow us down at all. This day is our little reminder that people with diabetes can live a full and healthy life. Preparation and education are key.


Why Is World Diabetes Day on November 14?


Recently I was reminded by a post in a diabetes group that I follow about why World Diabetes Day is observed, and why on this day.

Dr. Frederick Banting led the discovery of insulin in 1921. He was born on November 14th.

He and those he worked with forever changed the lives of many people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Less than 100 years ago, a diagnosis of diabetes was pretty much a death sentence.

I was also reminded that in 2011, we went to Stockholm. It is there that I first learned about Dr. Banting and his Nobel Prize in the Nobel Museum. In that building is a tribute to all prize winners, and there is a vile of insulin.

My son was diagnosed about a year before that trip to Stockholm, so when I came upon then insulin, it was very unexpected. I did not want to leave it, yet I did not know what to do with it. I didn’t even take a picture of it. I took pictures of Nelson Mandela’s ring and many other things in the museum, but why not the insulin?

I was moved by it, but yet I did not want to be reminded of it. I see insulin every day. I am happy that I do, but perhaps at the time I was still getting used to that fact even one year in.

So, how will you “celebrate” World Diabetes Day? Why not go out and do something to defy diabetes? And when you take your next injection or bolus, say a little thank you to Dr. Banting.

Let me know in the comments below what World Diabetes Day means to you.

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