The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom by Stacey Simms

We have been fans of Stacey Simm’s podcast Diabetes Connections for a while now, so when we learned she wrote a book, we were of course very excited to read it.

Is Stacey Simms Really A Bad Mom?

Admittedly, the title gave us pause. The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom? Really?

If she is the worst diabetes mom, then the rest of us are really struggling!

But in the book she explains the story behind this title, and we get it. We won’t spoil it for you.

Book cover - World's Worst Diabetes Mom

The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom Is Perfect For A Recent Diabetes Diagnosis

What we can say is that this is a book we wish we had at diagnosis, or early in our diabetes journey. Stacey talks about the early days of her son’s diagnosis, the questions that we should be asking our doctor and all the practical information to consider along the way.

She candidly shares her learning moments as well. This is oh so helpful because it emphasizes the various things to consider that we may not otherwise think of.

I downloaded this book in Kindle as well audio version. Stacey reads the audio version herself. And I admit, one morning as I was driving back from a meeting, one of her stories made me remember that I forgot to fill my son’s pump reservoir! With so much to remember for diabetes, this can happen. But because I was listening to her wisdom, I did not beat myself up about it as much as I probably would have.

In short, this is a must-read for any parent with a child who has been diagnosed with diabetes – particularly a new diagnosis. To say that Stacey’s experience and wisdom is helpful would be an understatement.

This post is not sponsored and I am not an affiliate. Just a fan!


The Diapoint Diabetes Reading Group

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