How long ago did a year really feel like a year? Honestly, the way they fly by, a year feels like only a few months. Can you relate?

So we are almost at the end of 2019 and this is a big one. Not only are we saying goodbye to 2019, we are also about to embark on a brand new decade.

While many of us are moving at light speed to finish “everything” before the end of the year, we should also take a few moments to reflect on what we did accomplish this year. It’s too easy to feel out of control when your life has been touched by diabetes, whether you have it or care for someone who does.

But I bet you had some wonderful achievements and have much to celebrate and be grateful for. It’s likely that you haven’t yet taken the time to honor your efforts, the lessons you’ve learned and the blessings that have shown up in your life.

So let’s review! Not sure where to begin?

Get Your Free Diabetes Year In Review Template

To make it simple for you to reflect on your year, we have created a FREE template for you to use to review 2019 with your diabetes in mind.

Now, diabetes does not define who you are. It certainly does not define my son who has Type 1. But, it is a big part of our lives. Even though we did not ask for it, it is a part of the holistic way we look at life because this thing is present in pretty much everything we do.

This reflection template is based on the technique I use in my coaching practice. The focus is always on your best vision of yourself.

This includes milestones, gratitude and what you wish to do to continue to move forward to become the best version of yourself.

If you are the caretaker of a child with diabetes, then this is a good tool to use with them to celebrate some achievements and set new goals for the new year. The positive focus of this exercise is wonderful to share with a child to help them consider all the positives in the year, and to allow them to see how much they have achieved with your help.

Get your template here.

Exciting Events in January

Before I sign off for the year, I wanted to tell you about two special events coming up in the new year (and new decade!):

Coffee Mornings is our regular Dubai meetup for parents of children with T1D. Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 10am and we would love to meet you!

Diabetes meetup in Dubai for parents of Type 1 diabetic children

Mapping Your Next Decade – A Desire Map Workshop for 2020 and Beyond is a weekend-long event at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Marina on 24–25 Jan, 2020. Get to the truth of what you REALLY want, and create a personal 10-year plan of goals and desires. Special discounts apply for early bird registrations and previous Desire Map workshop attendees. All are welcome! This workshop is great for people with diabetes, caretakers of children with diabetes, moms who want to get refocussed, and anyone who wants to really focus on their personal wellness and what they want for the coming year and decade.

Thank you

To all who supported me personally and Diapoint this year, I cannot thank you enough. I am full of gratitude for your support. To all who attended one of our events, purchased our new course for parents of T1D children, read our emails, followed Diapoint on social media, visited the website, subscribed to our mailing list or spoke to me in person, I could not have gotten this far without you. – Thank you.

Blessings and love for the new year.

Pamela Durant

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